Reciclárbol Project
Our aim is to spread a reuse-consciousness over schools and public places.

Our recycling program is about being socially responsible. By embodying greater habits for ourselves and younger generations to save whatever precious resources we have left on our great planet is key. Educating our community, our friends and our family of the severity on how these impact our everyday lives will bring us to the realization that “Only by working together can we make a difference” in keeping our landfills free of unnecessary waste.


Due to excess of rubbish for landfills, the importance of recycling is urgent. Although we still don´t know exactly how we can do it.


We started on the trash bin  object basis, which makes us catalogue automatically what we discard as rubbish; so a good way to invert this concept is redesigning the object in question.


RECICLÁRBOL Project starts by the idea of modifying the concept of RUBBISH, as what we throw away every day can be raw material for new purposes.

All waste is rubbish?


Waste become rubbish when its components are mixed up, thus contaminated.


We can make hundreds of new objects such as furniture, plastic objects, news-paper, corrugated cardboard and more, out of plastic bottles, glass, tins, tetrabriks, paper, etc. Thay can even turn to energy if they get to the right industry.

Reciclarbol, reciclar, reutilizar

What do we propose?

An object that allows people to interact in a new habit of  thowing away.

We designed a recipient tree, breaking up with the formal rubbish bin concept.


We intend to get rid of rubbish concepts from collective subconscious.


Trees symbolize growth, nature, life, purification. Out of this stereotype, every refuse takes a new spirit as emulating new life seeds.

Why RECICLÁRBOL is necessary?

For it is a tool that makes work easier to environmental organizations, urban refuse collectors and refuse industry, as it separates waste in origin.


Who will take advantage of RECIÁRBOL?

This project is aimed to be incorporated in schools, as a pedagogical tool.


We look forward to seeing the children and the youth daily using our RECICLÁRBOL, as well as developing habit and consciousness changes due to the fact of separating waste and learning to reuse it.


If you would like Reciclárbol to be in a school you are realted to; if you work in the environmental sector; or if you are just interested in the project, please don´t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Reciclarbol, reciclaje, ecologia

Why Hampatu?

Hampatu is a word of Andean origin that means toad or frog.

Spokesman for the Pacha Mama, herald of the rains, it symbolizes fertility, renewal, rebirth, transitions and opportunities.


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