We believe a trade is equal to work, and work is equal to dignity.

The student can choose from one of these workshops:


Handbag Manufacturing

Shoe Manufacturing

Sewing Techniques

Advanced Sewing Techniques

Knitting Techniques


    Our teaching program consists of the two principal areas:

    Theory and workshop of a trade

    Personal development, with an art-therapy backup


    Students attend to 3 classes per week: 2 classes of the chosen trade – 1 class of Personal Development – which goes from group therapy guided by a psychologist, where they work on daily issues and spiritual strengthening to drama classes, which is also guided by a psychologist.


    The program is organizad in three phases:

    Training – 8 months long; learning a trade and workshop practices

    - Field Work– from the 5fth month onwards; together with training, we activate resources and work alliances to insert the students in the labor Market and prepare them for manufacturing workshops or other jobs.

    Independence – one of the most important targets of this project is that students get their autonomy. To this end, once the students are well trained we help them to develop their own business project.



    Advanced students are invited to tutor new students by using their new skill sets and personal experience. This helps in comradeship, the sense of belonging, team work and self confidence. 


    Once the students finish classes at AmareSer, they can opt to keep getting training by obtaining scholarships at the fashion renowned school Espacio Buenos Aires.

    Why Hampatu?

    Hampatu is a word of Andean origin that means toad or frog.

    Spokesman for the Pacha Mama, herald of the rains, it symbolizes fertility, renewal, rebirth, transitions and opportunities.


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    AMARESER Project

    Hampatu Foundation has a school of Arts & Crafts and personal development for people that are under the poverty line.
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    Hampatu Foundation

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